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UOB Bank (Info)

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UOB Bank


The following information was obtained by UOB bank in Nakhon Ratchasima province in 2008. Be aware that it might not be exactly the same today and that it might change from a province to another. But it will be a good indication.


1. Documents needed to open a bank account.

- personal banking
- passport
- work permit
- business banking
- Company Certification Document
- Memorandum of association
- Detail of Objectives
- Duties of company Limited
- Minutes for open bank account
- Business registration
- Tax Payer Identification
- Director of company's documents
Thai - ID card , House registration
Foreigner - passport , work permit

All documents must be certified within 1 month

2. For a credit card.

You must work in thailand, have a Thai bank account , same documents are requested(above), and a bank statement for the previous six months.(Thai bank account)

For bussiness banking, you must have a company registration of at less 3 years.

Qualification of Applicants
Monthly Income THB 30,000 or above
THB 15,000 or above

Employment history At least one year

Age of primary cardholder 20 years up

Age of supplementary cardholder  The primary cardholder whose monthly income is more than THB 15,000 can apply a supplementary card for anyone who is at least 18 years old.

Special privileges
Free! Joining fee and lifetime annual fee. The 1st year annual fee is waived for primary and supplementary cards and free for the following year, when you spend a minimum amount of THB 25,000 per year for Classic card or THB 50,000 per year for Gold card or spend at least 1 transaction each month.
Maximum credit line of THB 350,000 for gold card and THB 90,000 for classic card
You can now obtain maximum cash advances equal to 100% of your credit limit at all bank counters accepting VISA and Master Card at ATMs nationwide and worldwide.
For every THB 20 spent via UOB credit card, A card member will earn 1 point. The accumulated points can be used to redeem free gifts i.e. special travel packages, air tickets both inbound and outbound or converted to Royal Orchid Plus 2.5 points : 1 mile
UOB phone banking 24- hour inquiry and credit card transaction services via telephone call 0-2285-1555
Payment can be made by direct debit from your account, through UOB ATMs, via UOB CyberBanking at or UOB counters, payment at counter service, Pay at Post, any branch of Siam Commercial Bank and Bank of Ayudhaya
Widely popular and accepted by more than 120,000 leading locations nationwide and 23 million merchants worldwide

Required Documents 
Government officer
Business Owner

Copy of ID Card or passport
Letter of employment to certify salary or the original salary slip (monthly income is at least THB 15,000 ) 
Copy of Bank statement dated back 6 months 
Letter of Consent 
Copy of government ID Card 
Copy of Household Registration (1st page and page with applicant's name) 
Letter of Employment to certify salary, rank / position
Copy of Bank statement dated back 3 months 
Letter of Consent 
Copy of ID Card or passport
Copy of Bank statement dated back 6 months 
Copy of Company Registration with Ministry of Commerce
Copy of Memorandum of Association
Letter of Consent 


1. Fees   
1.1 Joining Fee     
- Primary Card THB 750  THB 500
- Supplementary Card - -
1.2 Annual Fee - -
- Primary Card THB1,200  THB 600
- Supplementary Card THB 600  THB 300
2. Service Fees   
2.1 Interest rate for minimum payment  20% p.a.*
2.2 Cash Advance 3% of the total cash advance amount** 
2.3 Copy of sales slip THB 200/ transaction 
2.4 Copy of statement THB100/ transaction
2.5 Transaction investigation THB 200/ transaction
2.6 Collection Expense As per actual expense
2.7 Replacement Card THB 200/ transaction

3. Can you get a Loan , or Mortgage for a house or car?  It's difficult to do, will normally require Thai nationality. Must have incomes and stay in Thailand. Will normally need a guarantor for a foreigner on top of Thai nationality.

If he has Thai wife, she must have at least incomes three times higher than installment repayment, and a  Thai bank account, working for at less 3 years.
Documents : - ID Card
- House registration certificate
- Confirmation of income or salary
- copies of bank statement for the previous six months
- Marriage certificate (if any) of applicant and spouse.
- Copies of land title deeds, purchasing contract