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How to setup a Thai Ltd Company

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Thai Company Registration

Thai Company registration

Are you dreaming to setup a business in Thailand? We can help you out and register a company for you. Under Thai Law, your company must have at least 3 shareholders. They can be foreigners or Thais, but if more than 50% of the shares are owned by foreigners, under the foreign business act, this company will be considered a foreign entity. That means you will need more licenses and permits, which can be complicated and expensive.

Your company must have a name. We have to verify if the name is available and once we have a positive answer, we have 30 days to register the company.

Your company can have one or many directors. Most Thai companies have some general objectives and you can normally do almost everything with your company. The director of the company is the person who signs for the company. And your company will have a stamp. Each time something official is done by the company the director must sign and use the stamp of the company.

We can register a Thai limited company quickly, in about 2 weeks. Our price will include all services, like Tax number, translation in English of the main documents for the company, transport, VAT registration if necessary, government fees, etc.

A company must have an address, at least one director, at least 3 shareholders, a logo, some objectives and you must also register some capital. The capital is the money that the shareholders put together to start the company. Most law firms register companies with foreigners to only 39% foreign shares to avoid too many checks from the government. We also suggest you to use that strategy and later on, you can raise your shares to 49% if you wish.

Our price to register a Thai limited company will depend of the capital registered. You can even register a Thai limited company if you are abroad. We can send you the documents to sign by mail, and you return them to us with other documents like a copy of your passport notarized and/or some Thai IDs.

CONTACT US BY SENDING AN EMAIL AT Explain the services required and give us details, a timetable and the most information possible. We will answer you in less than 72 hours.