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Our price : 7,000 baht.

Most law firm will ask the double to draft a similar agreement.


As you probably know, foreigners are not allowed to own land in Thailand. A popular way for foreigners to guaranteed that they will be allowed to stay on a property is to make a lease agreement (or rental contract). The Commercial and Civil Code of Thailand use the term 'hire of property' at sections 537 and following.

Under Thai law, the hire of immovable property must be made in writing. And if this contract is for more than 3 years, it must be registered at the local land department. You can register a lease only on title deeds like Nor Sor Sam, Nor Sor Sam Kor or higher (like Chanotte). When a foreigner register a lease at the land department, his name will be written in Thai on the title deed, with the length of the agreement, and the date of registration.

It's important that your agreement is well drafted because there are many clauses that can be added in order to protect your interests. For example, will you be permitted to sublease the property to a third party? What about the renewal? Would you like this contract to be transferred to your heirs? Etc.
The maximum term for a lease is 30 years under Thai Law (section 540 of CCCT) and it can be renewed.

We can help you and will draft a professional customized lease agreement done by registered Thai lawyers that will protect your rights.

Our price for drafting a hire or property contract (or lease agreement) include instructions on how to register it yourself at the land department. If you have any problem, you can always call us and we will try to help you on the phone. Should you wish one of our Thai lawyer to register this agreement, we can also do it but the price will be much more higher, depending on your location. All our contracts are bilingual, Thai and English.

CONTACT US BY EMAIL AT ""  Explain the services required and give us details, a timetable and the most information possible. We will also need a copy of the title deed of the land for drafting lease agreement.

We will answer you in less than 72 hours.