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Certificate of Residence

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Warning: This article explains how to get a residence certificate. It was done in the Nakhon Ratchasima immigration office and each office might have different rules. This was done in November 2009. We did it also in 2007 and it was the same.
A residence certificate is a document made by immigration to certify where a foreigner lives. That document can be used for many things: getting a Thai driver's license buying a car, getting a bank account. Any place that will request a proof of where you live. Embassies can also require that document to show that you live in Thailand.

Thai people use their Ta Bian Ban (house registration book) but most foreigners in Thailand do not have that. This is why this document can be useful for you. Some people getting a pension abroad also use this document, depending which country they are from. In some countries, they must get a notarized documents.

The new immigration center in Nakhon Ratchasima is located in Dan Kwian. But you must use your local immigration office and some of them do not make this document. Please ask them politely and verify if they can make it. They should. It's on the official website of Thai immigration.

First, you must fill the form. This can be obtain directly at the immigration office.

You might be able to download this form here.
Second, you must also give other documents. These can be:

1. Your passport (make 2 copies of each the following):
a) frontpage
b) page of your current visa
c) page of your entrance in Thailand and
d) your arrival card

2. Two pictures, passport size.
3. And also 2 copies of a proof of residence, like a lease agreement, or your work permit, or anything showing where you live. Bring the original in case they ask for it.

You will have to sign EACH copy, preferably with a blue pen. A photocopier is available just beside the immigration office.

Then, you should get a document similar to this one:

Fees? Nothing is written about that. Some places do it for free, some immigration office can ask 500 baht. Use common sense ...