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Re-Entry Permit

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If you have a visa or extension and would like to travel outside of Thailand, and if you don't have multiples entries,  a re-entry permit will be needed in order to avoid losing that visa or extension.

A re-entry permit must be obtained at the immigration office designated for your area. Please note that they recently closed that service at Savannaphum airport.  

At the local immigration, please submit:

* A completed TM-8 form
* The correct fee
* A 2" photo
* Photocopy of passport (main page, visa page and latest entry stamp)

The current fees for re-entry permit are:

* 1,000 Baht for single
* 3,800 Baht for multiple entries.


This is a picture of a re-entry permit, single entry. 

It was done in March 2007 and valid until March 2008.

Re-entry permits can be applied in person or by an agent.  If your are using an agent, a power of attorney is required. You will get your re-entry permit on the same day you apply.

When coming back to Thailand, note the re-entry permit number on the Immigration arrival card (TM-card), and check that you are stamped in correctly.