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Ethic and Thai Lawyers

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 Ethic and Thai Lawyers

Ethical Code of Thai Lawyers

By Sebastien H. Brousseau, LLB, Bsc.
Admitted to the Bar of Quebec, Canada. Former member of the International Bar Association.

In most countries, registered lawyers must follow an "ethical code". An ethical code is some regulations, rules that lawyers must follow and they are in place normally to protect the clients, to protect justice. If a lawyer fails to follow one of these rules, he or she can lose the license to practice law or have other penalties. There are normally committees and/or places where you can complain about the behaviour of a lawyer.

Thai lawyers are no exception but the rules here are simple, short and not very detailed. We did a NON-OFFICIAL translation of these rules. The translation was very difficult and we hope you will understand most of this text. Our goal is only to inform and please read the disclaimer below this page. This was still valid in 2011.


Ethic rules of Thai Lawyers in Thai. Regulation of 2529

Ethic rules of Thai Lawyers in English. Regulation of 1986 (same document as previous, with unofficial translation)


Registered foreign attorneys must follow the rules of their own legal association, and normally even if they work abroad, they are subject to the rules of their own country. But many foreign "lawyers" in Thailand are not lawyers and do not have a license to practice law. Even if a foreign lawyer is registered in his own country, in Thailand, he can normally not plead in Court for you. Foreigners are restricted to be "attorneys" in Thailand but that doesn't mean they are not qualified and can't work for a law firm. Any international law firm in Thailand does employ foreign attorneys, from Tilleke Gibbins, to Baker Mackenzie or Isaan Lawyers.

Ask for their qualifications, experience, references. Attorneys have no problem disclosing their legal status, education and can easily provide you with their license number. You can verify their status with their Bar Association if you wish, in Thailand or abroad.